The Lotter – Buy A Lottery Ticket Online

The Lotter is an online lottery agency that allows you to buy a lottery ticket online and conveniently from the comfort of your own home computer and keep tabs on everything related to your participation with lottery games.

As a customer with  The Lotter, I can tell you a thing or two about the advantages they have piled up to make sure I keep on coming back and spend more of my lottery tickets budget with them. I must admit they are doing a great job because lately I only buy a lottery ticket via their website.


1. It’s easy to buy a lottery ticket via their website.

2. It’s fast to buy a lottery ticket. I can play up to 1 minute before closing time!

3. Buy a lottery ticket in a 100% secure environment.

4. I have proof of my participation.

5.The Lotter I can play worldwide.

6. I never need to check if I won, The Lotter does it for me.

7. I receive an email confirmation of my participation from The Lotter.

8. I get an email if I win from The Lotter.

9. I can print out my ticket if I want to.

10. I get bonuses and discounts from The Lotter.

11. By participating I also contribute to the agency’s charity organizations



The Lotter - Buy A Lottery Ticket Online

One of the FAQ from the site reads

 “How do I receive the jackpot if I win?”

(isn’t that the most important one?)

  Their answer:

  After winning a jackpot prize, our customers can choose one of two options:  


  • Collect the jackpot winnings in person.
  •  In such a case the winning ticket will be handed over to the customer by the site’s representative.
  •  Authorize us to collect the jackpot winnings on the customer’s behalf.
  •  In such a case the will transfer the jackpot winnings to the customer’s bank account by a  Bank Transfer.
  •  Upon winning you will receive a winning notification E-mail and will be requested to fill in your bank details.

Remember that for a lottery agency, the best possible publicity they can get is by showing off a customer who has won the Jackpot.


Naturally, you are aware that playing the odds on a lottery are very small. Some even accuse official state lottery organizations to be no more than a scam to make people pay voluntary taxes. That is not far from the truth, because states do collect very large amounts of money this way.


On the other hand, there are many people who also come out as millionaires after winning the Jackpot, so there is a good reason to play, and if you don’t overdo it, it doesn’t hurt to try your luck.